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Pregnancy, Newborns, Baby and Children 
Aches, Pains and Injuries
Stress, Insomnia and Trauma

About Me

I started 10 years ago with my massage qualifications and have years of experience working with different physical massage therapies for a range of different symptoms. From this, my work led me further to specialise in Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and working at a deeper level to treat tension, trauma and stress that are the root cause of physical symptoms and discomforts. Working with CST is understanding and healing the body at a deeper level which can fix longer-term recurring issues before they appear and restore comfort, balance and energise to cope with daily life, situations


Having worked as a massage therapist I was frustrated at only being able to treat the symptoms of deeper rooted conditions. As a massage therapist, I could only give short-term relief for the visible side effects of a condition, whereas CST works at the original point of conditions which in turn manifest symptoms. Working with CST empowered me to feel like I was making a long-term impact on a persons wellbeing, rather than short-term relief. This is what I hope to achieve with my patients.



"I left the massage deeply relaxed, with some of the best night's sleep for years!  This was Lomi Lomi on different level to that which I had experienced. I can highly recommend her work, which is not just functional, but deeply spiritual.  Fantastic!!"

 "Carola is a warm, intuitive, yet professional therapist and brings together her expert knowledge of anatomy and physiology, massage expertise and a natural healing energy, into all of her treatments."

"I leave feeling infused with a calming energy, rejuvenated and balanced both physically and emotionally. It's is an amazing holistic experience!" 

"I began cranial therapy and after a few sessions I noticed that my physical symptoms upper back tense muscle area, shoulders and neck reduced completely, a year later and they haven’t yet come back. Furthermore, my psychological, symptoms also started to reduce. As I carried on with cranial therapy, psychologically I got my confidence back, my anxiety levels reduced. It has and is still making a big impact on my life. "


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